10-Years to perfect SPOTBOMB


As an inventor, being involved on a team developing SPOTBOMB, it to 10-years to perfect SPOTBOMB and the experience has been very rewarding.

The rewarding part is having a product that works better than any other. We have been tested by the CRI/Carpet and Rug Institute and passed all of their criteria with flying colors. Many consumers use spot and stain removers that can void a carpet warranty but SPOTBOMB, is actually recommended by the Carpet & Rug Institute.  It is also sold by commercial carpet stores.  We BLOW AWAY the competition. Side by side testing against Resolve, Oxy Clean, Spot Shot, Nature’s Miracle, shows that we out preform all of them. No rubbing/scrubbing means less work and better yet, leaving the integrity of the carpet in tack and no residue.  We haven’t met a competitive spot and stain remover we cannot beat!

It has been fun taking out stains that others cannot. Time and time again, I have people ask if we can take out blood, wine, soda, feces, vomit, urine, coffee the answer is yes! Even when other cleaners have not? The answer is yes! New stains/old stains, we remove them. Professional carpet cleaners can’t get them out? We can!

What makes ours different? The packaging will give you a hint, safe chemicals that have to be kept separate until time of use. When combined, it creates a unique but safe chemical reaction when all of the chemicals come together that eats the stain and evaporates, leaving no stains and no residue to clean up.

Replacing carpet due to stains will be very costly. Why not use SPOTBOMB and save yourself thousands of dollars? Past customers and regular users just cannot believe how well this product works. It comes in a small package but packs more power than any of the competition. SPOTBOMB!

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